My Life Goals

Okay maybe I’m crazy but I’m super scared of living a “normal” life. I’ve always dreamed of living somewhere cool and doing things that I could only think about doing in my wildest dreams. Lately, I’ve been feeling so uninspired in my life and I want to live my life goals so I’ve compiled a little list of my goals to come back to in case I lose focus.

  1. Live in Paris.
  2. Become a successful model.
  3. Travel to lots of beautiful beaches.
  4. Be nice to everyone.
  5. Get a college degree or diploma.
  6. Live completely on my own.
  7. Be 100% confident in myself.
  8. Be better with my money.
  9. Eat healthier.

Have you guys ever heard of the law of attraction? Hopefully, with me writing these down in front of you guys, I can manifest it into my life. What life goals and dreams do you guys have? Please tell me down below and we can have a positive party. Let’s all be there for each other. I love you, friends.

Have a great day


  • mmhmm i always find writing down goals make me focus on them more! im definitely adding 4 to my own goals list for 2018. (HOW is it 2018 already!!???!)

    i also really need to work on being better with money haha, i spend far far far too much on wine at the moment.

    katie. xx ♥

    • admin

      I love wine and going out to eat. Eating out is my biggest bad habit. What can I say? I have serious fomo

  • Nancy Ugo

    I really like your goals, I share some of the same ambitions like wanting to be nice to everyone and eating healthier. Best wishes on your journey!