holiday movies, Netflix

One of my favourite part of the holiday season is the holiday movies. Yes, I’m that sucker for a good cheesy holiday feel-good.There’s nothing better than wrapping yourself in a cozy blanket, drinking peppermint tea while watching a holiday movie in the glow of the Christmas tree. I know it’s super cheesy, but I just couldn’t care less. Here’s my list of the movies you should watch this holiday season on Netflix.

  • Elf– Duh, it’s a classic! I’ve seen this movie at least 20 times and will watch it like 100 more times in my life.
  • The Holiday- I love a fuzzy, romantic movie. Plus, Jude Law is just dreamy.
  • Love Actually– Again there’s something about love this season. I love how all the plots connect in this movie and I also love the British accent (haha typical North American.)
  • Arthur Christmas– Good movie for the whole family! I find this one entertaining and I’m an adult (mostly).
  • How The Grinch Stole Christmas–  I love the live action of this but the original is always good.
  • Frosty The Snowman– A CLASSIC!
  •  A Very Murray Christmas– So funny! This has become a tradition in our house.
  • Office Christmas Party– A little naughty one for the adults.

I also love National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and A Christmas Carol but those are not on Netflix! What are your favourite holiday movies? Tell me below! I love watching new ones.