Okay, let me just start by saying I’m a perfume fanatic. I really love perfume. I think that a scent can enhance your experience and help make you subtly sexier. Recently, I was given a few samples of Viva la Juicy from Influenster, a site that gives you pr (you all should sign up if you like free goodies) and thought that it would be right fitting to write a review on my site.

Let me start by saying that this perfume smells super nice. I think this would work well for day or night since it’s very light and sweet but also sexy. Juicy Couture is marketing this perfume as a perfume “inspired by the glamorous girl who is always the life of the party”.  This perfume is a mix of wild berries, honeysuckle, and creamy caramel. Since it has the caramel, it oozes sex appeal and thus making it perfect for wearing out at night.

I think Viva La Juicy is perfect for someone who is younger. I am 19 and this scent is perfect for me. Older women (and men) could wear this and wear it beautifully as well, though. I do believe scents are for everyone so don’t let feeling “too old” stop you from trying certain ones. I really did love this scent and voxbox and really hope you guys try out Influenster! What scents do you guys love? Please tell me down below so I can try them out!