I live in Canada so the end of fall and winter can be extremely cold! I’m talking -40 Celcius on some days. Canadians know what they’re talking about when it comes to winter and we’re basically pros at surviving it. These tips are here to help your transition from fall to winter. If you live in a warmer area, you can still use some of these tips as well!

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  1. Start layering. I love wearing a long sleeve, flannel and a winter jacket on top of that. It’s cute and cozy but most importantly it’s warm from fall to winter. For a sneaky extra layer, try tights or thin leggings underneath your jeans.
  2. Cover your windows. To save a little extra money on heating and keep your house warm, try using curtains or blind to add a cover to your windows.
  3. Keep your gas tank full. I’m notorious at always only having a quarter tank, but in the winter, it is possible for that amount of gas to freeze. If you keep your gas tank full, you will give your car the best chance to run at such low temperatures.
  4. Do yard work now! You don’t want to be stuck doing work outside when it gets to be frigidly cold. Put up your Christmas lights now and keep them off until the season. Clean up your dogs waste on the ground before it freezes (seriously). Rake leaves or do whatever you know needs to be done before you have to when no one wants to be outside.
  5. Start planning winter vacations or fun times. If you’re planning on going on vacation, start planning now. If you’re not, start planning some fun winter days. This way you won’t lose motivation and can have something to look forward to when it’s very cold and gloomy.