Lots of people in my real life ask me questions about my hair. How did you grow it out? How does it stay so healthy and shiny? Are those extensions? No, they’re not! Trust me, I haven’t always had long hair. Only 6 years ago I had a mid-puberty, awkward bowl cut. Since then I’ve done a few things to transform my hair. I followed these tips and grew my hair.

  • I don’t wash my hair as often. Some real life people call me gross for this but not washing my hair has really helped me grow my hair long.I used to wash my hair every day but now I wash my hair about once a week. Since my hair is long, I need extra time for my natural oils to reach the ends of my hair. In between washes, I put my hair in lots of up-dos and use dry shampoo. My favourite is from Batiste*. Try going one more day in between washes and you’ll really notice a difference!
  • I stopped using heat tools. I don’t use any heat tools at all. I air-dry my hair and wear it naturally. I love how stress-free it is and low-maintenance it is. I have naturally straight hair so you may think “okay she’s just lucky, but I can’t go without heat tools,” but that is just not true. All natural hair types are beautiful and we should all embrace your natural self more often. Maybe go heat-free one or two times a week.
  • I stopped dyeing my hair. My hair is a very basic shade of brown. I’ve always admired blonde hair and even had my time as a (very brassy) blonde. Bleaching my hair really took a toll on it. I grew out my natural hair colour in hopes of having healthy hair. I’ve embraced my natural hair colour and it suits me best!
  • I started taking care of my hair. I love to moisturize everything and I do believe it is key. I use conditioner when I wash my hair and I use a coconut oil mask once a week. I also trim my hair about every two months to keep my hair from looking dull at the ends.

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