I love to workout my booty. Since starting my at home glute workouts and then later transitioning at the gym, I’ve noticed a huge change in the size and shape of my bum! I am now doing exclusively workouts in the gym due to the fact that I need higher weight to see a change, but at-home workouts are great for beginners, to mix in with your gym workouts or sick days. I know the gym can be uncomfortable for some people so these moves are great if you’re wanting to lift your booty at home. I’d suggest doing 12 repetitions and 3-5 sets. Listen to your body but make sure to challenge yourself. It is super important to squeeze your butt during all these movements to really get the glutes fired up.

Glute Bridge

This is one of the best moves for the glutes. Lie on your back and thrust your hips into the air. Hold at the top for 3 seconds while SQUEEZING your glutes as hard as you can. When this becomes easy, use weights or heavy textbooks to up the difficulty.

Goblet Squat

I am not the biggest fan of squats for the glutes but this variation helps to attack your butt. Stand with feet wide apart and toes pointed out. Hold a weight or heavy water-filled bottle with both hands and squat with a wide stance. When you finish your squat, squeeze your booty at the standing position.

Donkey Kick

Get on all fours and raise one of your feet toward the sky. Kick your leg up and squeeze your glutes at the top of the movement.  Make sure to keep your abs and back tight. Make it harder by adding ankle weights or resistance bands.

Bulgarian Split Squats

This is one of my favourite/least favourite movements for the butt. This is a great one even if you do most of your exercising in the gym. Prop one of your legs on a hard surface like a stool, chair or bed. When I did this at home I used a bed. Squat using the leg on the ground and use the one that is up to keep yourself as balanced as possible. Try not to use your propped leg to stand back up. Repeat on both legs and hold dumbbells for an extra challenge.

Clam Diggers

Lie on your side and use your top legs to squeeze your glutes. To add difficulty to this move allow your top foot to slightly hover over the bottom one instead of placing your feet together. Squeeze your glutes when your leg is fully extended.