Recently, my boyfriend moved six hours away from me for university. After being with him for three and a half years, it was only natural that we would try to be together through a long distance relationship. I didn’t think it would be as hard as it’s ended up being. The day that he left, I cried like a baby but made sure that I would keep the spark going. Here are some of the things that we are doing that might help keep your long distance relationship strong.

long distance relationship, relationship

  • Get on Facetime. Seriously one of Kaleb and I’s favourite thing is picking a show on Netflix on Facetime and starting it on the same second and watching it together. It sounds silly but it helps to feel a little bit closer. I prefer Facetime to phone or text because I like to see him!
  • Make a commitment. If you want to be together, be together! Yes, distance is hard, but if you care enough about the person, it will be worth it. Make a commitment to try distance and be persistent in trying to keep in contact.
  • Set a countdown. It may seem like it’s so far away until you see each other, but setting a countdown shows you that time is passing and you are closer to seeing one another! This can be so exciting because before you know it, there will only be a few days left on the countdown.
  • Take some time to tell each other about your day. Keeping each other in the loop about what you did, what you saw and funny moments every day helps to keeps the long distance feeling not so long. Kaleb and I like to send each other pictures of cute dogs that we see every day because we both share a passion for animals.
  • Try to connect but take time for yourself. While being in a long distance relationship is hard, it’s a good time to do things that you want to do. Focus on your career, hang out with friends or start a new hobby. These things become easier to do when you don’t have to focus so much on your relationship. Stay in contact throughout the day with your partner, but take some time to focus on yourself.