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Staying organized in college is really half the battle of getting a good grade. Having everything organized can really help you remember to do homework, when tests are and where to find the things that you need. I had trouble keeping everything in order when I first started university. Using these tips, I was able to get good grades my first year.  Hope you find it helpful, and I will see you tomorrow. If you’re interested in the “5 Things I Learned From My First Semester At College” click here. xxoo.

  1. Use a planner. I’m a huge advocate for planners. Using a planner can help you schedule homework, time to write blog posts, time to spend with friends and work shifts. Time management is super important during college and I think planners are one of the most effective ways to do this.
  2. Use one notebook for each subject. I like doing this instead of carrying a heavy binder. Many people like writing notes on their laptop, but I like writing in a notebook because it lessens the distractions that I may have if I used my laptop. In one of my classes, I wasn’t allowed to use computers, so I’d recommend a notebook for that situation. Notebooks keep all notes and pages in one place.
  3.  Do important tasks first. I love making to-do lists. Make a to-do list with the more important and urgent things first. If you know you have two weeks to do something, start with the things that are due in a few days. Doing homework for two hours is very tiring, so I would reward myself with a five-minute or snack breaks after I finished a task.
  4. Save your syllabus. Keep the document that you are given at the beginning of the semester. This tells you about due dates and how much certain things are worth.
  5. Spend 10 minutes a day cleaning. Tidy up your dorm room, backpack or anything else that may need to be reorganised so you’re ready to go for the next school day.
  6. Use Google Drive. Google Drive is really good for making and organizing documents. It’s free with a google account and you can access it from anywhere. No need for memory sticks.