Since I have been travelling so much, I’ve kind of perfect what I bring in my carry-on. I really don’t like to carry too much but there are definitely a few things that I need during a long-haul flight. Share with me your in-flight essentials! I’m very curious and always looking for cool products. I don’t bring much makeup in my in-flight baggage because I don’t like wearing makeup on planes. It’s an odd superstition of mine. I do, love to bring various moisturizing, toiletries and entertainment products though. Hopefully, there is something that you haven’t thought of and find useful.

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 Carry-On Electronics/ Entertainment

  • Portable Charger– Some planes don’t have plug-ins and I want to make sure that I have phone battery to listen to music and watch movies.
  • Ear Phones– I love listening to music while travelling and they’re useful for listening to the movie playing on the plane and blocking out background noise. No one wants to hear that screaming baby while they’re trying to sleep!
  • Phone/Laptop Charger– Don’t forget these!
  • Laptop– I like to bring this to watch movies on or write blog posts/ideas.
  • Book– I like to bring a book in case I’m in the mood to read. I brought Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn because it is very fast-paced and makes time go by so fast!
  • Pen and Journal- You need a pen to fill out travelling forms and I do not want to be the person asking around for one! I like to bring a journal for writing down dreams and blog post ideas.

Carry-On Toiletries

  • Mouthwash– I prefer mouthwash to a toothbrush and toothpaste simply because of the convenience. It is a bit gross brushing your teeth at the airport or in the small airplane bathroom. When I arrive at my hotel, that’s when I will brush my teeth, but mouthwash is perfect for freshening up.
  • Prescriptions- I like to have these on hand in case I need them.
  • Tampons– Again, just in case.
  • Small Perfume– This is DNKY Be Delicious. Bring a travel size or roller ball to make it through customs and apply throughout your flight.
  • Deodorant-I like to reapply when I’m feeling gross and stinky.
  • Hand cream- I have really dry skin, so my hands get dry with the recycled air.
  • Lip Balm- Who wants dry lips?
  • Moisturizer- My face needs to be moisturized, too.


  • Snacks- I bought a full pack of Cliff Bars and ended up needing them. Snacks are important because you never know if your in-flight meal will be missed and it will help you cut costs on expensive airport food.
  • Water Bottle- It’s important to keep hydrated during your flight and then you can avoid asking the flight attendant for the small cups of water all flight.
  • Passport– You need this or you’re not going anywhere.
  • Sunglasses– Bringing these are so important if you’re going to a hot destination.
  • Extra Undies– It’s an easy way to stay fresh. Change when you arrive at your destination, and you’ll feel much cleaner.