Hey, guys! I’m not a makeup artist and truth be told I don’t wear makeup all too often, but when I do, I   have my go-to makeup items that I have been using for years. A few of my friends have been wondering what I use so I thought I’d gather my favorite makeup products and make an explanation and find prices and stuff. These products do not make a full face, but I love all of these and use them every time I do my makeup! If you’re interested in my skincare routine for dry skin, just click here.

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These are all my favourite products!
1. Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in ‘Chocolate”
I love this for eyebrows! If you use a fine angled liner brush and use light strokes, your eyebrows will look beautiful yet semi-natural. Make sure to replace this product every 6 months or so as I think it dries out fairly quickly!
The best part about this is that it is so easy to use and to blend! I’m no contour wizard but I can make this look really good. Have a hard time with creme contour and with this I either use just a buffing brush for a soft contour or use the brush that it comes with to apply and then buff it out to make. sharp contour.
Pictured here is the Matte Finish spray but I also have used the Dewy Finish spray. I enjoy the Dewy Finish just because I have drier skin, but both work well to keep makeup on all night and won’t break the bank.
I literally can’t apply my foundation with anything but this (insert blushing emoji here). Seriously this thing is amazing. I use it to blend contour, foundation and sometimes eyeshadow when I make a huge mess of it! I CANNOT recommend this enough.
Wow I just realized I have the whitest shade that this foundation comes in! But thats the good thing about this foundation, lots of shades! It looks very natural as well which I like!
I like how these look. Wish I could figure out how to put them on nicely hahah. User issue but not an issue with the lashes.
This is amazing! I love he champagne gold collar and it’s truly pigmented. Just try it please, just try it!
This mascara is incredible. It lifts, separates and volumizes. I used to have eyelash extensions, and when I got them off I hated how lackluster my lashes would look. This mascara makes it look like I’m wearing extensions and it’s inexpensive. I’ve heard it’s a dupe for the Better than Sex from Too Faced but shhhh I did not tell you that!!