Amsterdam was easily hands down my favorite city I visited on my trip. While bustling, it didn’t feel too large and overcrowded and I was just enamored with the lights and canals and bikes. I went during Fall and the leaves were changing colors and it made the canaled streets that much more beautiful.  Amsterdam at night blew me away. I walked through cobblestone streets not open to vehicles and traveled around the red light district fascinated and in so much awe. I had a great glass of white wine in a cute pub right across from a flower market on a canal. This city just felt alive and gosh I fell in love after one hour.  While I was there, I was so caught up in the sights of Amsterdam that  I forgot to take lots photos and I was okay with that. Someday I hope to revisit and take much more and share them, but I think it is okay to just have memories and live in the moment sometimes.  I can’t help but imagine myself living there one day.

 Amsterdam, Amsterdam canals Amsterdam, windmill  Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Anne Frank House

Not the best picture, but this is the Anne Frank Hose. it was so hard taking a picture without getting another tourist in it haha. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to go in because the line was down the block.

Amsterdam, Amsterdam Canals