I’ve been to Paris. My father and I went to Paris together for a weekend one time. Although I was grateful for the opportunity, there’s nothing romantic about visiting the city of romance with your dad.  When booked a hotel, I made sure he booked a hotel with two twin beds, but when we arrived they had given away our room and that forced Dad and I to share a bed. He would not sleep on the floor, much to my dismay. We stayed in the 10th arrondissement. Although far from the city centre, I ate some of the best vegan curry at a restaurant whose name escapes me.
I have a longing to return to the city- to sit in French coffee shops and listen to jazz music. Maybe it’s the movies like Midnight in Paris and Ratatouille that give me this perception but the romanticism and allure of Paris make me want to visit again. Funny enough, while I was traveling Europe, Paris was my least favorite city in comparison to Amsterdam and Cologne but it is the city I desire most to go back to. I chalk up my distaste to not enough time and my traveling partner. I would really want to enjoy Paris visiting by myself. Something is so beautiful about Paris and I’ve included some of my pictures taken the weekend of October 5th, 2016.



paris, france, 2016, Eiffel Tower

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