I have been terribly sick the past few days. As a result, I’ve been forced into bed and going crazy trying to find things to do to entertain myself. I think I’ve seriously watched every single video on Youtube and had about 15 baths, not even joking! Today is Tuesday and I’ve decided to take some pictures of my day to show you all how it’s been. (If you spot a tissue in some of these, please do not blame it on me haha). Also, a majority of this day was spent cuddling my cat, so enjoy her gorgeous, pretty little face like I have! Welcome to my sick Tuesday night.
My cat and I have always really had a close bond. We have another cat who likes to go outside during the summer, which has led to him getting lost and found multiple times. One particular time, he got lost and found by a lady who was living in city housing, she saw a poster we had put up for him and called us. When we went to pick him up, she mentioned that she had a cat that she had to give up because she did not have enough money to spay her and could not risk kittens. When she came home with us, she was so terrified she hid for two weeks. I was the only person she would come out of hiding for and since then we’ve been very close.  I love having the pink bell collar on her now so I know where she is and she can’t hide from me again. She’s not afraid anymore, but she is a bit camera shy!
There’s something that I love about sick days. Sitting in bed all day, lighting a favorite candle, and reading a good book. I’ve been absolutely with the Tabacco Flower candle from Bath and Body Works lately! It’s not too overpowering and it really mixes well with soft jazz music in the background which is something I have been loving. I recently made a playlist on my Apple Music of jazz classics and have been listening to it nonstop. The playlist has classics like”LaVie en Rose”, “The Way You Look Tonight”,  my personal favorite “The Lady is a Tramp” and also has a bit of old Christmas music on it too. I know I’m not the only one okay! I’ve been reading “The Great Gatsby” again.  I’ve read it like 6 times and it never gets old.  I could write a whole different blog post on that book! I love to read by the light of a candle and my old holiday string lights. Besides feeling ill, I was very relaxed and enjoying the good and easy vibes of my Tuesday.

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This is Kaliki! She is my beautiful baby that my family rescued 4 years ago. The absolute love of my life.




These are a few of my favorite things for sick days! The Tabacco Flower is my favorite candle from Bath and Body Works right now. Real 1920s vibes! The glasses are from Urban Outfitters. The candle pairs so incredibly well with my all time favorite book; The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald. And of course my Macbook for all those Youtube videos! I swear I can just get lost in a Youtube rabbit hole!


This is my betta fish Scuba Steve. Everyone laughs at his name but my boyfriend named him and I think it’s absolutely hilarious. Kaliki is madly in love with him. She always wants to play with him and drink from his bowl even though her water dish is always full! He doesn’t want any part of it.