Growing up in a small town in Canada, it was hard for me to see the beauty that was around me. I was constantly unmotivated and thinking “if only I could be in…”. This was especially bad in the winter when the cold was consuming and snow made things less than appealing. Whenever I saw tourists in my hometown, I’d think “why would they want to visit here?”. It wasn’t until I went backpacking around Europe last year that I realized those places I was always dreaming of were home to people too! Many people dreamed of visiting my home. Quickly I was starting to miss home and realized that even it had beauty too. Such a positive thing to remember!  I decided to make this blog to showcase the beauty of every day. There’s beauty in everything and sometimes when we see it on the regular, we forget! Please please, show me the beauty of your daily life too! Here it is in all its glory, the Canadian prairies

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